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We are a small Indigenous-based business focusing on awareness days. Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We started with truth and reconciliation day since multiple generations of our family were forced into the residential school system. We wanted to bring more awareness to this issue.

Our second project was for pink day shirt day for the anti-bullying movement. We work with companies, schools, and sports teams to provide made-in Alberta products.

Now we offer a wide range of custom apparel and decals. We can work with you to make a custom piece or choose from our many designs. Our designs work on almost any type of apparel or into a decal.

We appreciate all the support over the years and look forward to the future!


Nicole - Owner and designer


My name is Nicole Bell, I am Haida from the K’aawas clan. I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia and frequently travelled to Haida Gwaii during my childhood to visit family. My family is full of artists; carvers, painters, and jewelry makers. My mother had her own small business sewing clothes and turning designs my Uncle Paul drew into appliques. We set up at Pow wows all over the lower mainland during the summer and fall months selling her items, and enjoying the drumming, singing and dancing. Being fully immersed in Indigenous Culture. Growing up I always wanted to be creative as the rest of my family. But my art skills weren’t the greatest and I didn't have the patience to sew like my mother. 

However; one day in 2019 a friend with a Silhouette machine asked if I wanted to help design an orange shirt for the upcoming awareness day at her daughter’s school. We made about a dozen and didn’t sell a single one at the market. In hopes of ‘getting rid of them,’ I posted on Facebook Marketplace. My phone exploded with messages asking for shirts! We couldn’t keep up! 

That’s how my small business started, completely by accident. I’m so grateful to be able to share my designs with everyone, especially because I know how personal clothing can be and how eclectic each person’s style is.

My main focus has become to spread awareness of not only Indigenous Rights but basic human rights for everyone. To spread body positivity and joy through clothing.  

Be kind, be generous, and be brave. 


Kyle - Webmaster and logistics